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The barrel type heat exchanger is made of high efficient heat exchange tube, it has advantages of good reliable, high effective heat exchange, small volume,etc. It is widely used in various ind-ustrial applications which takes water, oil, gas as heat exchanging medium for the water cooled chiller of central A/C, heat recovery unit, heat pump hot-water unit and industrial water cooled chiller, etc.
  • Heat exchange with high efficiency
  • The coil is made of finned tube with high efficiency.
  • Unique structure of the helix coil is help refrigerant to be fully heat exchange.
  • Using safely:
  • No inner welding point in whole copper tube, to ensure long term running stabilized for the system.
  • No blind zone of the water flow in the channel.
  • Water connector is located in the lowest area of heat exchanger to convenient draining in the low temperature season and to prevent freeze.
  • Small volume
  • Good for reduce outer size of the unit to saving space.
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